Post 2145: the bug is dead…


“Dougy! Come here and see the bug!”

Dougy came running. The bug…is dead! (The other Doug decided to deal with it since Dougy only batted it around and it got away mostly unscathed.)


Hope springs eternal in cats, too! Dougy isn’t ready to accept the fact that the bug no longer is around to play with.  Really, it’s up on the wall somewhere!

30 thoughts on “Post 2145: the bug is dead…

      • That makes us feel better – The Cat Gang!😻
        Pyshka loves to hunt Palmetto bugs (do you know what these critters are? They are HUGE!) that sometimes wonder from the yard, but she is a vegetarian, sort of, so she only tears them apart and leaves the remains for me to clean up.

  1. The bug is an ex-bug, it is no longer, it passed, it is deceased, it is at peace, it is at rest, it kicked the bucket, it met it’s maker, it is off the hook, it took its last bow …

  2. I understand Dougy . What a deception ! He thought to play with the bug and this one has disappeared !
    I did not know cats played with bugs. This may be dangerous with any bugs
    In friendship

    • I think so, too, Michel. Some have painful bites, and this (if I identified it correctly) is one such bug. Anyway, cats do play with their prey. If they are hungry, they eventually eat it, but many times (especially with spoiled, well-fed domestic cats!) they just play with their prey.

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