Post 1241: new smart phone…


I’ve been unhappy with my smart phone for some time. Friday (October 25th), I bit the bullet and bought a new one. Don’t ask me what kind it is – Android something 10+??), just know that this was the first photo I took with it. 


My first Andy photo caught a demure Andy…


The second one was a bit better, though it piqued his…

20191025_103734 (1)

…curiosity! (He sniffed it, of course, to learn all about it.)

Dougy got the treatment next, and his photos turned out fine!


Sexy kitty boy!


Want his autograph? LOL!


31 thoughts on “Post 1241: new smart phone…

  1. Enjoy your new smart phone, Doug. It looks like The Adorables are enjoying it as well.
    Meanwhile, Beba had one of her fang teeth pulled last Thursday. She is doing fine but is still on antibiotics which irritates Pyshka for some reason (probably the smell). Pyshka starts “the kitty war” by loudly cussing, while Beba yells back, and Barmaley runs to me for comfort. I tell him that he is the main cat around here and should know how to discipline the girls, but he is no disciplinarian, unfortunately. As a result, we’ve had very little sleep for several days now.

    • Good grief! I can’t imagine how you’d handle that situation! Best wishes for an early resolution worked out by your kitty girls and boy!

        • I joked with my dialysis doctor the other day that I handled cats and women the same way – wrap them up in a big towel and hold them on their backs! Not very PC, certainly not my attitude toward women, but I do know about “The Mind-Scouring Horrific And Psychologically Scarifying Torture of Silence Treatment With No Relief Till Your Flesh Drops Off Your Bones and You Whine Like A Scared Little Bag Of Sxxx”~! I’ve no use for passive aggressivity, one big reason I dropped plans to marry one person when she played it on me.

    • LOL! He will send one as soon as he learns cursive…. The new phone seems to be a vast improvement over the old one, though I’m still learning things about it.

    • That’s how it strikes me, too, Michel! I come from the ancient time when a phone was for calls, not paying bills, photographing, etc. It also was a time when they only time your bill approached $100 was when you spent an hour on the phone talking long distance with a friend in Amsterdam!

    • If it were a regular camera, I’d think the y were curious about their reflection, but the smart phone doesn’t have that “feature”.

  2. My husband just traded his flip for a smart phone. He got the least expensive smart phone and he’s doing pretty well with it. He rarely gets phone calls, even less than you do but this one allows his granddaughters to text him. Seems like that’s the preferred mode of communication with teens these days.

    • Yes, that texting does seem to be the way younger people communicate now! when they are my age, their thumbs will be so immobilized by arthritis, they’ll wonder if it was worth all that texting! I can’t handle texting myself.

        • Mine has that, too. It also has a feature that recognizes my fingerprint to open or my face. Since I wear a beard, I wonder how long it would go before a grown out beard stopped me from accessing it. LOL! Or would I have to keep it trimmed a certain length that matched what length it was when I set up facial recognition. I’m not curious enough
          h to try w=either feature, though the fingerprint one seems viable for me.

  3. Dougy is a sexy kitty! I’m glad your new phone will do him justice. (You’re still ahead of me, Doug. I still use a flip phone!! I own a desk computer and a lap top – why would i need a smart phone?)

    • Beats me! They are expensive, problematic when they age, and cost about the same as a good digital camera, the main use I make on mine. If I make or receive five calls a month on my phone part, it is a rare month. A flip phone would serve me better.

    • Me, too. One thing leads to another, though – my car doesn’t recognize this phone because it is three and a half years old – the car programming needs an update to “see” the phone. It is a low priority for me, but when I have annual service in May, I’ll see if they have an update they can install. (Given it is a VW, the update doubtlessly is expensive and does little to make life wonderful…!)

    • It is a bit of a challenge, though I’ll learn its quirks soon enough. One thing I haven’t worked out is the vertical aspect, which shows up on WordPress as full shot on the editing page but truncated on the finished page. If you edit the photo to a size the WordPress site likes, you get what you posted in the edit. ???

    • Me, too. It is a silly expense when one considers I could buy a pretty decent digital camera for the same price and get a flip phone that more than handles my four, five calls in and out a month. I am not a phone person!

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