Post 2289: meh…

This what I see now. It looks like the best I can do for today’s post is, as we used to say at my US Army company, “Our best is not too good.” Of course, that was a parody of mottoes we saw posted everywhere our photo jobs took us, but sometimes the best requires some kitty activity to be interesting. No idea where Andy is at the moment.

[pregnant pause…]

No sooner said than Andy was very available for posing.  Hint! Hint! Somebody’s kitty boy thinks a kitty treat is appropriate for now. Treat finished, it was “ta ta for now, buster”.

20191212_123352 (1)

In the meantime, Dougy committed one of the few “no-no’s” of the house: He hopped up on the dining room table and made himself comfortable. (Of course, all the books and stuff on the table just now probably will be on the floor before long.)



14 thoughts on “Post 2289: meh…

  1. Mr. Doug, what are Andy and Dougy’s fav treats? Mom lets me on the dining table all the time, ’cause it also serves as my work table. Dad doesn’t let me on the table when it’s his dinner time.

    • LOL! Sometimes I can’t find important papers and other things like keys I’ve put on the table so I can find them easily when I need them for an appointment, whatever, thanks to the kitties, Michel! Of course, then I look under the table firsdt thing.

      • Thanks Doug. If I lived closer to you I’d stop by to see if I could help you. Frankly, I publish too much content and should throttle back to a couple a day or so.

        • There’s always that sense that to slow down, put up less content, followers would drop off . On the other hand, just a few regulars comment and the number of stops by for a look is pretty much constant. Those people are more likely to think something’s wrong, that I had a health issue pop up than just stop coming by. I actually had one person unfollow me for putting up too much content! (I dropped her out of respect for her desire not to just stop by when she felt like it rather than open every post. WTF?? Tit for tat. I thought the complaint was silly since I rarely post more than once a day, compared with some I follow – photography mostly – who post lots of times a day.) I follow too many posts to spend time on all of them that show up on the reader. I stop by a handful regularly, so on occasion if the preview looks interesting, and others randomly. The latter I oftentimes will stop by to go back through all the ones I didn’t open earlier because I’ve found a marathon look at posts I don’t view regularly oftentimes turn out to be worth the effort!)

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