Post 2133: Touchy! Touchy!

Andy can be a moody little cat. I scratched his neck and he put out his “Paw With Four Pointed Early Warnings You’d Better Stop It ~ NOW”!

Seems rubbing his ear today is a no-no, too!

Let’s take a closer look… Touchy! Touchy! The pointy warning tips are flexing in their sheaths. 

19 thoughts on “Post 2133: Touchy! Touchy!

          • I should, right? Even though we don’t have vicious claws around here, but once a month we have to administer Revolution drops to the gang, and it takes 2 – 3 days to catch Pyshka and hold her in place for a couple of seconds. She is heavier than I and definitely much faster! So this week my manicurist will see scratched up hands.

          • The little imp got so mad at me that she disappeared for several hours! I thought I would have a heart attack looking for her; I feared that she managed to sneak outside when I was taking trash out. My husband came home, and she nonchalantly climbed from under the bed and walked to greet him.

          • LOL! I had an episode like that once when I couldn’t find Dougy to take him to the groomer’s. I took Andy, then returned home and looked all over the house for Dougy. I eventually found him hiding in one of the stacked carriers! I barely got him to the groomer’s in time for his spa day.

          • That’s exactly how I felt when Dougy got out almost a year ago! I even had a panicky feeling when Louie the ginger cat stayed out longer than I was used to, and he had lots of street cred before I got him at the shelter!

    • Actually, I appreciate the warning! Poor kitty needs his time to just be a cat, not a pet. Dougy is the opposite. He will pester me till I pay attention to him if he wants attention. He’s recently decided he likes being a lap cat, which is nice.

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