Post 2311: a closer look…


Andy’s enjoying that wonderful thing, being a cat, when…

…I surprise him with extreme closeness! Not cool, Doug, not cool! (That second photo presages a reaction you don’t want to provoke! You are familiar by now with Andy’s “Flesh Stripping Vengeful Blood Dripping Razor Death Claws From Hell”. I know I am, and I know when I get that look from Andy, it’s time to let him have his space! Ha!)


Speaking of closer looks, this map shows where you who stopped by in 2019 live. The past year has been a big one for India, where there’s been an increase in people there following the kitty boys! They – and I – love, love, love India and things Indian, so this is a happy business for us! Thanks for stopping by!


You curious where the biggest follows are from? The US, obviously, is Nr. 1, and countries that are predominately English-speaking are in the top follows, yet there are some surprises in the rest of the top 15:

top 15

This blog began in October 2009, and here are where follows came from in that decade:

all time map

What were the top countries for people following in the past decade?

all time till 3jan20

I’m just pleased to see there are people all over the world who enjoy cat antics. Best of all, many of you share your cats me with via your blog posts, and it makes my day!