Post 2134: the mats episode…


Dougy enjoys quiet moments on his ottoman.


Then he shifts to his other side…

then his other again, just long enough for Doug (the human) to discover tiny mats on Dougy’s leg. Of course, Doug tries to remove one or two!


Dougy is very, very, very upset about that! He hops down to the new box-newspaper nest where Doug is too far away to pull and tug on any mats! Dougy will have none of that today! If he has to, he can run away from Doug really fast from this place.

(The kitty boys have their quarterly grooming appointment this coming Wednesday, two days from now. I decided I need to have the kitty boys trimmed closer this time, though they do look really pretty with longer hair. Dougy in particular gets mats readily and isn’t too cooperative about letting me trim and pull them out. I began having them trimmed several years ago because of the mat issue. At this point, they are the only cats among the clients of the groomer I take them to, by the groomer’s choice.)