Post 2137: Tah-dah! The haircuts!

Dougy before..

…and after. I was especially concerned he’d look like he’d end up with a “soup bowl” haircut, leaving him looking patchy. Athena, his groomer, however, managed to deal with all the huge mats professionally. His hind legs are a bit wonky-looking, but amazingly acceptable considering how much Athena had to trim out! (Thanks a ton, Athena! I gave you a mess and you handed me a beautiful kitty back!) She assured me Dougy was mostly a good boy and she forgave him one bad moment considering what he had to endure till she was through grooming. 

Andy came out looking pretty good, too! Here he is before…


…and here he is after. What a pretty boy

The next kitty day at the spa comes on March 22nd. I know I’ll need to pay particular attention to Dougy so he doesn’t get those hidden mats on his tail end. I thought I was in control but (no pun intended) I didn’t stick my hand back there to detect anything I should be aware of on the chance I might find something I didn’t want to discover with my hand. LOL!

Oops! These are Dougy’s “after photos’ The three immediately under Dougy above these three are all Andy after, not Dougy. Confused? Well, so was I! LOL!