Post 2161: No challenge filling this box!

Andy spotted it first…

It was good!


I start to take it away, then notice the pet-in-box notice on the bottom. Maybe I’ll get Dougy in the box photos, too!

Will Dougy hop in the box? Seriously, how hard is that?


Of course Dougy hops into it when he stops by on his morning apartment cat patrol!


I’m not compensated for featuring chewie’s box in these photos, though I did send some of these photos in to their Facebook page on the chance it results in a special treat for the kitty boys. As far as they are concerned, Amazon Prime boxes are best, though chewie boxes are fine, too. Well, truth be told, any box is super! They are kitty boys, folks.

Also, Andy has both upper canines. Oftentimes the shape of his lips and the camera angle in some photos give the impression of a missing tooth by hiding one or the other canine tooth. 


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