07Mar20: “What’s the password?”


In a surprise encounter, Andy blocks Dougy in Dougy’s territory!

 Dougy is flummoxed! How can it be that Andy blocks “The Dougley” in his territory???


Andy doesn’t budge. “What’s the password, Dougy?”

Poor Dougy! He is clueless how to get past his brother.

Dougy feints and Andy follows. This is not his first rodeo! He knows his brother like, um, he is his brother!



Sad, poor Dougy! Hope he doesn’t have to use the litter box! (Seriously. I hate cleaning up kitty accidents!)


Note to Dougy fans: It took a little time to sort out, but Dougy finally took a big leap over the blue quilt, breaking the impasse, and winning the encounter with Andy.

17 thoughts on “07Mar20: “What’s the password?”

    • Ultimately, he had to get over his reluctance to hop over a quilt that was on the floor blocking the way. Of course, he could have hopped onto the stacked carriers, but that’s Andylandia. Andy would surely have chased after him.

    • How true! I was surprised how well Andy played the game this time, especially since it happened deep in Dougy territory.

    • It happens sometimes, even with mild kitties. Andy and Dougy mostly get along and observe each other’s territorial demands.

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