14Apr20: Andy wants to play…

Andy tries his best to get Dougy to play. He even puts his front paws on Dougy’s ottoman…while Dougy is on it!

Dougy just ignores his brother! Andy is incredulous, then tries to forget about it by watching the television. Maybe there are giant mosquitos or string monsters on it. He wants to play!

Boy! Dougy is terribly uncooperative today. Andy really, really, really wishes he could get Dougy’s attention and maybe have a good chase through the apartment!


Dougy just isn’t playing today. Well, there’s always a kitty bath…


…or television.






16 thoughts on “14Apr20: Andy wants to play…

  1. I can sympurrthize with you, Andy. I’ve been wanting to play with my sisfur, Myrnie, but she just ignores me, too. I bet you’d play with me and I would TOTALLY play with you. Purr purr purr.

  2. Poor Andy! Dougy must have been tired or stewing about something. 🙂 I see one or more our cats trying to engage in play sometimes, and the other cat not cooperating. Frustrating to the kitty wanting to play!

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