18Apr20: Dougy makes an appearance…

Minding his business, Andy practices proper protocol in these times of the plague…


…when Dougy shows up!


Well, maybe this time it’s OK. Dougy’s behaving today. Andy relaxes. Then…


…Doug (the human) sneezes a big one, scaring Dougy, who hops onto the recliner. Boy, was that scary! Ask Dougy.

Andy couldn’t care less! Or is it “care more”? Who cares? Not Andrew James Thomas, who returns to important kitty business. “What’s on television?”

Happy Caturday!

10 thoughts on “18Apr20: Dougy makes an appearance…

    • I get weird reactions when they hear my stomach grumble (or worse!). It’s like they can’;t imagine such a sound, always new each time it happens. Common, kitties! I’ve cleaned up example of the aftermath of such grumbles in your tummies!

    • They both have idiosyncrasies in grooming that amuse and delight me! Dougy is especially fun to watch because he gets these “What business do you have watching me now” expressions on his face. I laugh every time! (Hey, buster! Where are you when I’m on the toilet? Yeah! Threading yourself in and out of my legs!)

    • LOL! And I bet they are, GP! I know UPS has a brutal expectation of their drivers, with specific time allowed for their route, no excuses allowed. I hope they adjust for the increased business, but suspect they just turn more of the work over to the embattled USPS.

    • Thanks! I have nothing to do with it, but you can see what they looked like as kittens at the top of my blog. How could I say no to those cute babies?

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