29Apr20: staying away…

Andy is alert to possibilities, namely “Dougy” and an encounter.

What do “they” say? Discretion is the better part of valor? Well, valorous Andy decides to head for the guest bedroom because he sees Dougy.

Dougy’s checking out for signs Andy’s been around his, Dougy’s, little box fort Yep! A little sniffing around and Dougy has his answer: Andy was a recent visitor.

A quick check and Dougy determines Andy only went as far as the front door of Box Fort Dougy! Reassured, Dougy…


…high tails it to the kitty lounger Andy loves best. After a short visit to leave his scent on Andy’s lounger, Dougy runs back to his hidey hole nest under the chair in the north bathroom.

13 thoughts on “29Apr20: staying away…

  1. Apparently cat fights are no big deal to them. They have tough skin and are quite vicious with each other, including play and maternal discipline. 3 of mine will fight seemingly viciously then if one is hurt or falls they instantly become all nurturing and caring. My two boys will often groom each other before, after and during their battles. The oldest girl is a bit more grumpy.
    So don’t worry too much, cats especially boy cats love to have a good fight with their friends.

    • It’s better for their sense of “I am a dog” or “I am a cat”, too. I think it is healthier for our pets to be around their own kind, if only a naughty brother!

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