10Jun20: the miller returns…

Andy spots the miller again.


It’s on the ceiling.

Dougy joins the hunt!

Andy eventually caught one of the millers that trapped itself inside the lampshade, After liberally dousing it in cat spit, then pounding it gently with his paw, Andy showed good sportsmanship and released it…so he and Dougy might catch it again later. The miller took off in a wobbly flight that ended on the floor. Seeing the vulnerable miller on the floor, the kitty boys chased after it  because, well, “cat”!


















25 thoughts on “10Jun20: the miller returns…

  1. The ones on the ceiling really drive cats crazy. They lie in wait until the bug falls or comes down to their level. The only ones I ever saw escape were ants, a big black ant, once. A cat scooped it up and immediately spit it out. The ant continued to trundle off as if nothing happened.

  2. It’s a buggy job, glad someone is doing it 🐱 I myself find cricket legs on the kitchen floor a lot 🐱 if the fur balls don’t start chirping or get tape worms I ain’t gonna worry about it 🙂

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