17June20: a test…


Andy keeps blocking the captions on foreign movies. Sunday night, I shooed him away from his perch in front of the television at least seven times. Later, I felt ashamed and hoped he doesn’t skip the spot permanently. I turned the television on to test if he’d come back. 


Yes! Later, he was more than happy to block closed captioned programming, which is less irritating since I usually hear it well enough to follow the program. When the program isn’t in English, though, kitty must go!

15 thoughts on “17June20: a test…

  1. mol…There is nothing better than to be up and close to that warm TV. I like to sit right in front and hit at objects moving, They’re hard to catch though. Very similar to the red dot.


    • LOL! Andy watches television, but he’s a smarty pants. The only time he swats at the television is when I play cat games on it. The string game is his favorite.

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