03Sep20: “Change the channel, please.”

Andy wants to watch television with me, but not news.

This one looks promising, Andy thinks. He sees a goat and it’s in Africa. Lots of animals there!

That’s better! What Andrew wants, Andrew gets.

23 thoughts on “03Sep20: “Change the channel, please.”

  1. Is Andy watching ‘The Black Panther’?! That was such a COOL movie, but it would’ve been even better had they used a real pussycat instead of a human dressing up like one. Tee hee hee.

    • It’s unanimous, though carved in stone above the main entrance of my state’s capitol is this admonition, literally carved in stone: The salvation of the state is watchfulness in the citizen. I take that seriously.

    • Same here. I confess both the late Dougy and Andy, still, found/find “My Cat From Hell” instructive and very interesting among animal programs on television. Dogs, rabbits, mice (of course) birds, and insects all get favorable reviews, too.

    • Frankly, one becomes numb but I to stay alert because I feel each day the lowest a certain leader can get is just the start of it: It will go lower, can go lower! I’ve sent in my request for an absentee ballot, and will fill it out and post it to the election board as fast as possible. This is a serious time that requires a functioning electorate!

    • He had the right idea. I’m slowly restricting my news time these times, especially since the same stories tend to be worn out past the first time they are broadcast.

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