04Sep20: kitty food time rituals…

It starts with soft “meows”, then Andy checks me for a reaction.

I ignore him because it is too early for kitty food time. Andy clearly disagrees so he moves in for the kill. Yes, it’s his…


…”Sorrowful Starving Wee Orphaned Kitten With Huge Unblinking Eyes Making Endless Guilt” look, Andy’s best effort. After I stop laughing, I make a kitty food plate for Andy. (It wasn’t time for kitty food. Andy left most of it uneaten, though he came back later at kitty food time and finished it.)




29 thoughts on “04Sep20: kitty food time rituals…

    • At the price of his prescription food these days, I guarantee he gets a really gourmet meal at kitty food time! LOL! (It smells really good, too.)

    • Wow! No, I did not. I don’t imagine there is that much meat on a mouse. For that matter, I once heard cats might try ten times to catch food, with only one success. That’s a lot of energy and calories expended for a meal.

        • I’m citing a lion success rate and extrapolating that to our feline friends. Perhaps it’s easier to bring down a mice than a wildebeest?! LOL!

          • It is for sure. Our feline pets are not running after their prey, the literally prey on them, sitting there motionless until the mouse is close enough than one big jump – and it is over, unless it isn’t. Cats do not pursue, cattus cattus stalk their prey. Lions hunt in prides, cattus cattus hunts mainly alone. Until it doesn’t .. *chuckles, that is cats for you*

          • I’ve watched neighborhood cats hunting pocket gophers out back here. They can wait an hour or more for a gopher to emerge. Then they do a vertical lift-off, landing on the gopher’s back. They get one shot at it. For its size, the Camas pocket gopher is one of the most vicious animals known. I’ve seen a missed kill lunge back at a cat with its large, sharp incisors that can chew through tree roots.

          • Wow! I remember one time where a neighbor’s cat had a fox squirrel by the back. The cat was running down the alley with the still-alive squirrel in its mouth. Another squirrel was running after the cat! I never saw the outcome of that incident but I was amazed the cat caught the squirrel, let alone could run with it!

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