06Sep20: low cost kitty boy fun…

Andy plays it cool. He spots the “prey” and makes sure it doesn’t become alarmed to have a world class cat predator preparing his move…!

20200904_053156 (1)

RAWR! That’s one prescription medicine container cap that won’t see tomorrow!


Kitty proud of his prowess as the great kitty hunter, Andy asked that I give you a closer look at that last pounce: Quicker than a slow shutter speed, I barely captured part of Andy’s magnificent moment! That cap might be kid safe, but it is no match to a mighty Persian kitty cat!


Had a call from the veterinarian clinic yesterday. Dougy’s ashes are ready to be picked up. I’m not ready to pick them up, however, and will wait till Tuesday. Miss that cat. It makes me sad to think of Dougy reduced to ashes in a small metal can. I’ll probably cry when I get it. I’m crying thinking about it.


I am confused now. After writing the ashes update, I remembered I have Dougy’s ashes! I don’t know what the telephone call from the veterinarian’s clinic was about now. Was there confusion about whose pet’s ashes are in another container? Was I given the wrong tin of ashes earlier? What!? I will take the tin with Dougy’s ashes with me Tuesday, and when the other tin is handed to me, I’ll put the first on on the desk and say “Oops!” I had the scab of sorrow plucked off my grief, cried again for the lost Dougy when I got the call, and I  DO expect an answer and an apology if there is, indeed, another tin marked as Dougy’s ashes! 


24 thoughts on “06Sep20: low cost kitty boy fun…

  1. It is an awful day, dear Doug, the price to pay for such a great love.
    My first cat, kind of black angora with some white, died the same year and month than Lady DI;
    I have always the tin with his dear ashes, and they will go with me, they will go with me into my Brittany earth, with family.

    With my kind thoughts


  2. Bottle caps of any kind are fair game for our cats, especially Nod.

    We are all with you in spirit, Doug. We will all be with you when you pick up Dougy’s ashes.

    Our old Abby cat was diagnosed with diabetes on Friday night. She has the FreeStyle Libre sensor attached to her, and I have the reader. She is in testing phase for the correct dosage of insulin. Right now, she is getting 1 unit twice a day, and I have been monitoring her.

    • I am confused about that. I have a tin with Dougy’s ashes, so I either misunderstood the person who called or they made a mistake and someone else didn’t get their pet’s ashes. Regardless, the call was sad for me and reminded me once again that Dougy is for the ages. If I get there3 and they hand me another tin, ZI will have the first one with me and I will say “Oops!” AND EXPECT AN EXPLANATION. (Didn’t mean to shout, but that’s how I feel.)

      The bad part about the bottle caps is I always find them with my feet. LOL! Andy really likes unshelled walnuts, too. My sister in South Dakota gave the kitty boys those little plastic balls with bells in them that Andy really likes as well.

      That’s an amazing improvement, as far as I knew, for determining insulin dosage in animals. I know it will help reduce a lot of the discomfort that goes with getting it right. Best wishes for Abby!

    • It always makes me happy to see he can amuse himself in cat-appropriate ways since I have to leave him alone from time to time when I have to leave the apartment for dialysis, groceries, etc. I do leave Nebraska Public Radio on since there’s news (human voices) till midmorning, when classical music is played.

    • Thanks! I do, too. I haven’t given up on the idea of finding an older kitty at the shelter if it would help Andy, but he is a bit of a loner kitty by nature, very serious.

    • I have to think that way, too. I look at the little tins and wonder what I should do with them. Who will care about them when I’m gone? It’s a question for another day, if ever.

    • I haven’t decided what I should do with them. You may have given me a good idea for Dougy’s and an earlier kitty boy’s ashes. Both Dougy and Louie the ginger cat love, love, loves watching birds out the back window. There’s a large fir and two apple trees that attract a rich assortment of birds year ’round. What a perfect place to spread their ashes!

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