22Dec20: maybe…

I thought Andy was in the mood. “Let’s play wand toy, Andrew!”

It looked promising till he checked his precious. You know how that goes with kitties!  It needed a little maintenance.

Then Andy looked like he was in the mood.

Good grief Andy! Don’t wear it out!

21 thoughts on “22Dec20: maybe…

    • As a Frenchman, you can appreciate that presentation is important! LOL! He wants me to use a wild and crazy presentation, with lots of action and snapping sounds. When I do it that way, he gets really excited, hopping into the air, running all over the room, then catching the toy in air. (“zoomies”)

    • Well (to tell on him), as of December 16, 2011, he and the late Dougy had a visit with a scalpel and lost them. Maybe he’s looking for them, then? LOL!

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