23Dec20: Nature programs are OK by Andy.

Andy really, really, really likes his nature programs, like this one on feral pigs in a Singapore wildlife refuge! Try to take him away from “his” program!

He looks back at me to let me know he really doesn’t want to see those city people. He wants more animals.

Yeah! That’s it! A small lizard is interesting!

More people. No more animals. Andy looks back at me, then runs off to eat some kitty food and to take a drink at his kitty fountain. 

24 thoughts on “23Dec20: Nature programs are OK by Andy.

  1. How interesting that Andy has a definite preference for what he wants to watch. Come to think of it, Lucy and especially Xena pay more attention to the little bit of TV we watch when there are animals on-screen. These dogs and cats never cease to amaze me.

    • Me either! Yesterday, Andy and I watched a video featuring cats playing in snow. He especially liked the scene where the kitty jumped into a drift and came out with a mouse!

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