09Aug21: Pest or pal?

Dougy’s favorite spot was at my arm at the computer. He could be a pest, but mostly we loved being together!

I enjoyed his cat curiosity adventures!

Dougy was always more actively playful than Andy, but Andy eventually joined in the play.

Yes, the kitty brothers did sometimes squabble!

10 thoughts on “09Aug21: Pest or pal?

  1. Oh Yes, it’s the little things we miss when they are gone. My Puma always laid in the middle of the floor and you had to step over her, or a certain spot on my bed. I would give up the extra leg room to get her back alive and happy.

  2. They are cute kitty boys, Doug! It is good you have all this footage of them. I am familiar with the |”kitty standoff”, one cat usually turns away in the end and then is attacked by the other. 🙂

    • I’m glad I do, especially ones where Dougy’s beautiful eyes are documented. Of course, they show the personalities better than a photo.

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