08Aug21: Andy and Dougy videos…

A favorite bird watching post – a bathroom window behind a climbing yellow rose bush.

I never learned – don’t mess with Andy when he’s not in the mood!

LOL! The kitty boys hover around me wherever I go!

Both kitty boys are featured in this video, again.


8 thoughts on “08Aug21: Andy and Dougy videos…

  1. These are cute videos, Doug! I like the two tail hanging below the horizontal blinds. Phone cords an cable unfortunately tend to be an attraction for kitties. I lost a thermocouple on a temperature gauge that way many years ago. Thought I had it up and out of the way, only to find the cable in pieces on the floor. The Sisters did that one!

    • They did hunt, just small game like crickets and moths and flies. Yes, I am sure they would have terrorized birds in the backyard if I’d let them outside.

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