Post 1527: “It was a dark and stormy night…”


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Andy feels things aren’t just right. He senses there’s a stranger in the room, a strange stranger…. Oh no! the stranger’s watching!

35 thoughts on “Post 1527: “It was a dark and stormy night…”

    • Andy thanks you! He has his “Terrific Claws of Total Annihilation and Major Hurt: and his “Saber Canines That Penetrate, Shred, and Lacerate to the Bone and Beyond” for protection, but I’m sure he’d enjoy a chance to work with you to rid our frontroom of this infestation!

      • oooh … this guy is banned here… Easy once ate a kitchen sponge (probably a cousin or an uncle of bob)… he puked the guy on my lap on the way to er, where two vets waited on a sunday … but we had to pay the whole event anyway ;o(((

      • I’d ban him, too! Around here, the kitty boys avoid Sponge Bob, but love, love, love to try to eat cellophane and food wrap. I have to dispose of these things as soon as I open packages or I’d be visiting the veterinarian with a patient, too! They react to the crinkly nature of the material and the sound it makes. A plastic water bottle makes a very interesting sound (to the kitty boys) when crushed, too.

      • LOL! I understand they are exceptionally entertaining companion animals. Cute as heck, too! Hey, SpongeBob Squarepants would be a threat around here to the kitty boys, then, would he, if your ferret lived here.

    • Bring her on! Andy and Dougy love, love, love cat talk! They’ve participated in interviews with dogs, pigs, and people, but they’d love to try an interview with one of their own (very handsome and beautiful, perfectly lovable, always right) kind! Or just chat! (I enjoy your blog, incidentally, for its outrageousness and good humor!)

      • Haha! Thank you very much for those kind words, my friend. Greatly appreciated 🙂 Now, if somebody begins a discourse with you on the vagaries and delights of Persian cats under the banner of this blog, it is not I, having carefully researched the subject matter, but none other than our graphics genius whose knowledge on the breed and love for their fluffy little personages is possibly second to none. I hope you have plenty of free time 😀

      • Of those 1500+ blog posts, virtually all are about the kitty boys, both Persian cats. I suspect I will be able to handle her Persian kitty obsessions comfortably well considering I seem a bit obsessive about them myself! Mwahahahaha! Once you’ve taste their hair in your food, swallowed their germs, you mutate into a Persian cat slave!

      • Yes, I couldn’t help but notice that you have a certain fondness for the aritocratic-looking creatures old chap. I must confess I’m more of a canine-fancier personally but your pets of choice do have a certain appeal for me. I’d hate to have to care for one mind. Extremely high maintenance I should imagine 🙂

      • They definitely are high maintenance kitties~! On the other hand, they are mild, sweet (if aloof, if my two are typical) kitties. I would have a dog instead of two kitties except I live in a duplex in a retirement apartment complex. Cats are less noisy!

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