Post 785: Andy’s fine day…

Andy’s having a great day today. Don’t know why, but he’s purring, coming around to get loving and actually staying long enough to get it. Not like Andy at all! 

Yes, sweet as he is, Andy tends to be a bit skeptical about the motives of his brother Dougy and me. He just knows Dougy wants to chase him and I will pick him up and — ugh! — pet him! Silly boy! Of course we do these things, if we get a chance!

Yet, today, Andy is so affectionate and, well, happy. (Little does he know, I’m about to give him his medicine…!)

Soaking in the rays in a safe spot.

Soaking in the rays in a safe spot.

28 thoughts on “Post 785: Andy’s fine day…

  1. I always feel bad when I pick up one of the cats when they think they are going to get a hug but instead I shoot meds in an ear…. or worse! Like us all, they have to take the good with the bad.

    • That’s why I always like to massage and talk softly to Andy when I give him his blood pressure medicine. When I feel the tension release from his body (i.e. his claws retract from my skin…ha!), I know I can give him the medicine and he handles it a bit better. He still hates the medicine and tries to turn his head away, but he doesn’t act as stressed out afterwards like he used to before I added massage to the process. After I give him the medicine, I talk calmly to him again, telling him what a good boy he is (mostly…!) and petting him before I let him down for a few kitty treats. It’s not made catching him to give him medicine any faster necessarily, but it does seem to have made it less of a hassle for cat and man.

    • It surprised me! I think the fact that I pet and massage him, talk softly to him before I give him his medicine, then continue the petting and massage after have had a positive effect. He seems to be getting more tolerant of being picked up for happy reasons, too!

  2. My, my…I wonder what the occasion is in his little cat mind! With a character of being aloof most of the time it surprises me that his did such a radical switch. Perhaps that is his six month fill up of affection! I always had the opposite problem with my critters. They always wanted attention and lots of loving and I was glad to give it. Animals always keep us guessing, which is especially true of cats!

    • Andy always has acted like he wanted attention. I’ve mentioned how he comes up behind me and taps on my arms, then runs away when I reach for him. Today, he stayed to get full body petting, face rubs, ear scritching, and that favorite of both my cats, rubbing between the eyes in that spot they can’t get to. I hope this is his new way because he really is a sweet little guy, and I want him to enjoy the same attention his brother gets.

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