29Oct21: …my bad!

Andy’s upset with me. Stupidly, I grabbed at him when he stopped by. Worse of all, it was his tail I grabbed!

“Maybe I can bribe him with a fiver,” I thought to myself.

Well, he enjoyed a sniff, but he’s a kitty boy, eh?! What’s a fiver to a cat? 


Not to worry! Andy stopped by to let me know my servant duties continue to be needed, so he’s wary but forgiving.



27 thoughts on “29Oct21: …my bad!

  1. Well, Mr. Doug, unless that “fiver” transformed into a parade of five plump mousies, flutterbies, birdies or other lil’ beasties, or even nip, what interest would it be to any pussycat?! Just sayin’. Winks.

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