Post 2151: I’m better today…


The kitty boys were concerned about why I spent the day Monday in bed. They came around as a team, meowing, patting me till I woke and sat up. This they did several times during the day. Apparently, the chicken I ate Sunday was tainted. Something, at least, knocked me out for a day! I’ll spare you details.


Nice to know the kitty boys were concerned. (“Who will open the cans? Who will open the cans!?”) 


Of course, without me around, who’d “scritch” the kitty boys? No wonder they were concerned! 

p.s. I feel much better today, if a bit weak.


43 thoughts on “Post 2151: I’m better today…

  1. The boys will make sure you’re on your feet for their next meal. They like to check on you when you do unusual things like lay around in bed all day. I remember when my ordeal started, Shoko wass forever tapping me on the arm or the face. She din’t like me lying around at all.

    Glad you’re better, Doug.


    • It caught me off guard obviously. I think the chicken was properly prepared, but I possibly got it from another source.

  2. Glad you feel a little better, but don’t forget to keep drinking water, or better yet, Gatorade or Pedialyte (electrolyte drink for children) to restore the fluids you lost while you were in the throes of food poisoning. A doctor told me after I had a bout with bad whipping cream that dehydration was what killed a lot of people, especially children and the elderly, when they were hit with e. coli or some other stomach bug. Hopefully the kitty brothers will aid your recovery!

    • Actually, I happened to have two six packs of a Gatorade product perfect for my needs that day, and I did hydrate with it and tap water. It definitely makes a difference! I’m over it now. As a dialysis patient, I have a difficult task of staying hydrated but not exceeding a fluid intake limit. I managed to do it, though, “listening” to what my body told me!

  3. So sorry to know you were bad and in bed. But now, much better – you have Angels cats around you 🙂
    Do take great care – amitiés
    ( est-ce un truc de Persan ? la mienne pense qu’il y a une heure convenable pour se lever- et elle me le fait savoir en sautant sur le lit, etc )

    • Thank you! I am better now, and the kitty boys were a big help!

      Je pense que c’est un truc de chat! Mon gingembre tabby, le regretté Louie, me réveillait tous les soirs à la même heure en marchant sur moi, me frottant la queue contre le visage et d’autres choses irritantes qui me réveillaient. Il est également devenu très affectueux quand je ne me sentais pas bien. Je crois que les chiens et les chats nous connaissent mieux que nous ne le pensons et veillez à ce que nous soyons bien soignés lorsque nous ne le sommes pas! Les Persans, bien sûr, sont des chats très affectueux et agréables, même s’ils peuvent aussi être très méchants.

    • Year, he is a “Brush Me” kitty! Any time a Persian wants to be brushed, you do it. I have to emoty my vacuum five times each time I vacuum my relatively small amount of carpet, and most of the “dirt” is cat hair. Anyway, thanks! Hope you are feeling better, too!

  4. I am sorry , Doug, to read you were bad last Monday , sick but comforted by the brothers .
    You are better today , you say . I do not know if it is hot in Nebraska like here in France . We are cooked by the heat wave .
    And yesterday during the dialysis my heart all of a sudden got 135 beats/min.
    Take care of you
    In friendship

    • The heat is more tolerable to us here because we are used to it. I know there, this heat is much more severe and unusual. I hope you have air conditioning or a way to keep cool Michjel.l A friend of mine is in Paris, hospitalized pending surgery, He told another friend the hospital he’s in is an older one without AC and the temeprature was 43+ degrees C! Gad, even a Nebraskan (which he is, though he’s lived in Paris pretty much since 1970) can’t handle that much heat for long!

      Anyway, I cvan believe your heart was stressed out in the heat! I hope that hot spell passes for you Europeans soo!

        • He is serious condition after losing his balance climbing to his 5th storey flat. He fell backwards down the stairs, broke his shoulder. On the other hand, he is where he needs to be till his medical issues are dealt with, air conditioning or not. Thank you for your concern, Michel.

          • AC is not as popular in Europe as it is in the US. We have learned to cope with our hence rather mild climate … those extreme heat days never lasted as long and did not come along as often when I was younger.

          • Yes, I remember that and that the weather was much more tolerable than where I live in the cengtral USA. To the degree (no pun intended) there is an increase in world temperature, you may have to learn to live with air conditioning to survive. A friend in the hospital in Paris complained of 43ºC weather, as you may have read elsewhere, and that’s killer weather for ill, young, and old people. I personally prefer not to use it until it is really, really hoit – above 40ºC, say, because I get headaches going between hot outside and cold inside. When I was a kid, I got a nose bleed when I stepped out of the overly air conditioned movie theatre and into the hot summer air! I suppose that’s the start of my dislike of air conditioning turned down really low like Americans tend to do.

          • Medical staff recommends to turn down the ac not cooler than 5 degrees C below the temp outside. As usual Americans read CELSIUS and thought the memo doesn’t concern them as they use Fahrenheit

          • That makes perfect sense to me. AC turned down into the 18º-20ºC range many people here think is comfortable is madness, not to mention a waste of energy and a contributor to increasing world temperatures. I doubt most Americans read any recommendation for setting their AC, regardless of the standard used. Sorry. A large number of people here just wander through life without usinbg critical judgement on much ogf anythiung. Look at the president we have now! I have a lunch date this noon at a restaurant where the AC is kept so low, I will have to take a medium weight jacket with me to keep from becoming too chilled. It is supposed to be around 33ºC by the time we will be through there, and I dread stepping back into the heat after the freezer trteatgment. I know I will have a headache till I can reacclimate to warm weather.

    • Thanks, John! I’m glad it was over so soon. I looked for the label, thinking maybe I fixed it too long after pull date, but must have put it out in the trash already. Too late to do anything about that. Anyway, it was mild, over fast, thak goodness, thanks to great kitty care!

  5. Awww, get better soon. I have a photo my husband took. I was sick in bed and there were 3 cats sitting on the bed looking at me. I’m sure they were concerned about my opposable thumbs getting hurt.

    • It actually was a bit cooler this week, though I would have wished for more heat. I actually was shivering under a quilt and two heavy blankets till I felt better Tuesday. I am pretty much fully recovered now.

    • Thanks! Your antics make me smile, and two Weimaraners are twice as many smiles and lots of laughs! Everyone know smiles and laughter haveare healing power, socount yourself among the reasons I feel much betetr today!

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