11Oct22: dang hair…

The longer between groomings, the more Andy suffers mats. In this older photo, his chin “floof” is wet as well as matted.

Here’s one I removed from his chin “floof”.

I had to my “floof” trimmed yesterday, too.



12 thoughts on “11Oct22: dang hair…

    • His groomer has a mobile business that she brings to her client’s homes. Andy’s recent appointment was cancelled because the generator in the mobile unit broke down. No appointments cancelled then were rescheduled since the groomer has more business than she can handle and the same pretty much holds true for others here and in nearby towns. On top of it, Andy’s former groomer stopped accepting cat clients and his current one has exactly one cat – Andy – on here client list. Andy’s next appointment is at the end of December, and I’m damn lucky to even have that!

        • When the former groomer decided to stop taking cat clients, then sold her business to two former employees, she recommended the new one. It took three months to get scheduled. Though the new groomer costs twice as much, it’s still tolerable since it’s as much as I was used to paying for two cats.

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