17Nov22: eye drop time…

Andy hid behind the eye wipe container.

I walked up to him and picked him up, no effort, no fuss!

He tried to keep his eyes closed after he saw the eye drop bottle coming his way.

The old “turn-your-head-at-the-last-second” maneuver! I got the drops in his eyes once I held his head steady.

Medicating cats is lots of fun! 


My friend Judy and I had caramel pecan rolls and coffee at Ken & Dales yesterday morning. Good rolls, strong coffee and good talk! Judy and I have done this a couple time now, and it seems like a good way for both of us homebodies to enjoy a little social time.

17 thoughts on “17Nov22: eye drop time…

    • The eye drops aren’t too bad compared with eye medication I had to give the late Dougy for eye infections he got periodically. It was an antibiotic in a petroleum jelly base! He hated it. I hated it!

      Yes, it was fun getting out with friends!

    • I rate Andy as better than average on the cooperation thing. I seriously thought I might have to rehome Andy if I had to spend the rest of his life chasing him down to medicate him. I barely can handle that now, and I doubtlessly will be less able as I age. Anyway, maybe Andy sensed that because, without any clues it was about to happen, he became effortless to find and pick up.

      Yes, it’s nice to get together with friends when my usual “social time” is with the staff and other patients at dialysis! LOL!

    • Yes, and I am relieved he’s settled down and just lets me do it. I reward him, though, by holding him like a baby, petting him the way he likes, then medicating him.

    • They are huge, ooey-gooey, and just about too sweet except we eat them with cups of strong, black coffee. This has become a way for Judy and me to get out of the house and be social, something we both are bad about doing.

    • I’m pleased Andy is adjusting, and the pecan rolls and conversation with my friend Judy are a great way to spend time with this long-time friend!

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