19Nov22: sleepy boy…

Peacefully asleep…

…Andy sprawled across the lapboard.

Of course, that meant Doug felt obligated to interrupt sleepy boy’s rest with a “scritch”. What could he say? Andy had switched sides so wasn’t technically “asleep”, still, was he?

You can’t tell, but that blurry tail was Andy’s response to interruption of his sleep: swish! swish! swish!


I get automatic shipments of Greenies and Andy’s wet food. It seems I never get the correct intervals correct for either. I either get a shipment well before I need Greenies or too late for the wet food. Then I adjust the interval on the vendor’s site only to have the same problem the next time, perhaps in reverse. This time, however, I got both set up too late and had to, yep, change the intervals again. 

13 thoughts on “19Nov22: sleepy boy…

    • Andy and I sleep a lot, though in my case it is out of total fatigue from staying up too late and often when I should just give in and take a rest!

    • I agree! So sweet!

      The companies involved are great about sending me notice of the times to expect packages, even offering a chance to change that time (for a fee…), yet it never seems that they arrive at a time convenient for me.

  1. My first impression from your text is that the website/shipping department needs to update the shipping data much faster. Andy’s swishing tail means that he is not happy with your interruption! ❤️

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