26Nov22: Where’s the kitty?

Andy was flopped on the floor, then he just disappeared.

I suspect he’s in the stacked carriers…!


I’m expecting a pizza baker today. The reviews suggest that it makes a great pizza, but it’s also handy for reheating pizza without having to heat up the oven or creating a microwave mess of it. It can be used for cooking things other than pizza, too. I anticipate it’s either the best purchase ever or a big bust. The main thing is it will reduce use of the oven. Mine takes a long time to heat up and this pizza baker is up to heat almost instantly.

Making pizza at home is cheaper than alternatives, of course, and details like amount of marinara sauce, cheese, and combinations of toppings used is entirely one’s preference instead of what a pizza comes with from the store. I’m no fan of black olives that otherwise favorite commercial pizza combos come with, for example, and I like a lot more sauce than a smear…. (I’m trying to justify the purchase! LOL!)

I have pizza dough and toppings for my first or second trial and a frozen pizza of a brand and style I’ve tried before and liked the first day but thought reheated was a bust to use for my second or first trial. 

20 thoughts on “26Nov22: Where’s the kitty?

  1. Please write a review when you have the opportunity to use this magical device! I’ve been eyeing a pizza baker/portable oven for years but have to weigh the amount of space it’ll take up in my tiny kitchen vs. the delight of having a home-baked pizza with toppings of my choosing. (Black olives are just salt, Doug. I love them but my blood pressure does not.) Also sauce—the pizzeria in my neighborhood has the blandest, most flavorless sauce I’ve ever tasted on a pizza.

  2. Andy hasn’t figured out to hide his tail too, yet. 🙂

    Homemade pizza is the best, and I hope the new pizza baker works out. Rick makes his own pizzas here, makes his own dough, and sauce from our own canned tomatoes. Many years ago I used to make goat cheese (chevre), from fresh milk I bought from a local goat dairy. I would give Rick the leftover whey to use in his homemade pizza dough. He bought a pizza stone, and we had he best pizzas. I can’t eat dairy anymore, as it triggers a lot of inflammation, but he still makes homemade clam pizzas with our own sauce. He remembered clam pizzas from his youth back on Long Island, and has been trying to recreate one.

    • It turned out really well for a frozen pizza. The homemade pizza to come should be the real test of its value. After a brief intermission, I’ll make that pizza!

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