05Jan23: Not now!

Andy, may I have some quality kitty time with you?

“Not now. I have important kitty business to take care of.”

> Lick! Lick! Lick!<


I never lose my fascination with the catview of life! Andy teaches me new things all the time. Sometimes I feel like a Jane Goodall trying to learn what makes a kitty boy tick.

12 thoughts on “05Jan23: Not now!

  1. Yes, Andy looks like he has business to attend to! I loved the Jane Goodall comment! It does feel that way sometimes. There was an old cartoon I cannot find now that showed a field researcher dressed like someone right out of National Geographic, including a safari hat, down inside a rodent burrow making notes, the last of which read something like “These little rodents have finally accepted me as one of their own”.

    • LOL! I recall that one, too! I recently saw her on television, which was fun since I’ve followed her since her first mention in National Geographic and her first book.

    • That ugly lion cut gives his head that look. Under the “floof” is a head that’s proportionate to that little body. That photo gives you a sense of how small Persian kitties are – 10-12 pound males are usual.

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