06Jan23: groovin’…

There’s one spot on the recliner…

…that’s perfect for groovin’ when you’re a wee kitty!


The December Class of 1966 luncheon had to be cancelled because of illness, but we’re getting together today instead. Finger foods are on the menu. I think I’ll take lemon bars if I don’t eat them all first. LOL! We lost several classmates last year. I think that alone makes these monthly get togethers more necessary. I try to go to all of them, though I frequently don’t make them for one reason or another.


20 thoughts on “06Jan23: groovin’…

  1. MONTHLY? Wow!!
    I went to my 5yr reunion, had a HORRIBLE time, and have never returned. I considered the 30yr reunion but decided not to go. Was thankful after I saw that only one clique, of which I was not a part and had zero desire to see, was in attendance.

  2. Andy looks real comfortable there! Kitties seem to like a nice grove or saddle they can fit into.

    I have lost a few classmates, and teachers, too. The reunions are over on the east coast, not a trip I can make very often. The news filters back, and I have reconnected with some of them over the years. My two oldest friends I have known since I was 7 years old. That is a long, long time!

    • He is c9mfortable. I am lucky in that my class is halfway across the US, all ways, so typically meets in the town where I live.

  3. That part of the chair looks like it holds Andy in place making him feel safe. It’s so good that you still attend your high school reunions, Doug. I attended one many years ago and it was extremely uncomfortable! I never went back.

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