Post 1221: details need attended to…

I confess to laziness now that I’m retired, a state (the laziness) that perpetuates itself because I don’t have anyone living with me to nag about the unread magazines, the vacuum cleaner I haven’t moved in days from the spot where I stopped vacuuming, and the inertia that comes as an after effect of dialysis, which sometimes leaves me drained, my built-in excuse! Regardless, details need attended to, laziness must be overcome. Here are a few details that need attended to now, details I can’t ignore.


The kitty boys’ groomer schedules them a year in advance. I got the 2017 schedule when I took them in last Monday. (Dougy’s name isn’t spelled with an “ie” on the end, but with a “y”,the way I spelled it when I was a kid.) I need to transfer this information to a virtual Post-It note on my computer because I invariably misplace the schedule I get from the groomer! 112616-andy-and-dougys-grooming-schedule

My dialysis nurses have difficulty locating the dialysis fistula on the top end because it takes a turn, then a deep dive. The arrow is a direction reminder: “Hold the needle at this angle to the fistula.” If they don’t, the needle won’t reach the fistula, and it takes lots of poking to locate it. Ick! I need to avoid washing this direction finder off my arm between Friday’s dialysis session and Monday! (Maybe I need a tattoo….)112616-fistula-direction

My photo files are outrageously large. Every kitty photo — yes, most of my photo files are kitty photos! — I’ve ever taken seems to be there, and many are crapo photos that are beyond redemption. I keep them just the same. Here’s one that is a lovely pose of Dougy, but a crapo photo for exposure and potential for a fix. I need to get off my butt…um, get on my butt?… and sort through and delete the crapo photos in my files and save just those that are good. See what I mean about crapo?  (Left side = crapo original; right side = crapo attempt to save the photo through manipulation)

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  1. You seem terribly organized until you said you lose the schedule. Now that sounds more like me! I too manipulate photos for the better effects. I guess you have a similar problem. Shoko’s face is black and her blue eyes don’t always show up so I try the best lighting etc. You’re right. It doesn’t always work out so nicely.


  2. Weggie boy, you need being kind with yourself. Do take great care. You are so brave, day after day.
    Persians are perfect cats, and as every cat, protect those who love them and take care. A kind of angels . Yes !
    Toutes mes amitiés et des bises aux kitties – france

    • Francefougere Les chats aiment quand vous commentez parce qu’ils apprécient l’attention que vous leur donnez! Oui, les Persans sont des petits anges (avec des cornes minuscules … voir la vidéo que j’ai jointe!), Et ils m’aident à me détendre quand je dois ralentir.

      francefougere The cats love when you comment because they enjoy the attention you give them! Yes, Persians are little angels (with tiny horns … see the video I’ve attached!), and they help me relax when I need to slow down.

    • They do with me, too. On top of it, Wegener’s granulomatosis is a vascular disease that affects blood vessels, so the problem is compounded. The point of creating buttonholes (sites that are always used to access the fistula) is that the nurses won’t have to figure out where and how to access the fistula as soon as the buttonholes are established. Better yet, they won’t have to stab me with sharp needles then, and will access it with dull needles that don’t create a new hole. .

    • Part of the reason for the year long schedule is she has to work two kitties at a time into it. If I only had one scheduled, I think it would be easier, but I think they still schedule clients a year at a time. It’s the only grooming shop in town of 8500. There is another groomer eight miles north of here in a hamlet, but (for me) having a great shop just a couple blocks away is a blessing when I wrestle two cats to and back! I am very pleased with the results, too.

  3. I am looking at the same kind of chores and reminders. My downfall is paperwork. I did so much professionally for so many years, now it tends to get shoved into a box until panic strikes when I can’t find the piece I need.

    • My paperwork is organized in a messy way, then I “clean it up”, forever losing it or further messing it up when I try to find a specific document. I used to be very organized when I worked, but that went out the door, it seems, once I retired.

      • Thanks, misery loves company. Condidering I was A CPA and pushed paper for a living, since now I am a home based investor & blogger I seem to have your same problem.

        • I spent a most of my time crunching measurement data on hydraulic and industrial hoses made in the factory where I worked as a quality analyst. Perhaps our affliction is a revolt against the tyranny of numbers! LOL!

          Speaking of that, I had two sayings that kept me from being absorbed by my numbers: This Italian saying ~ “A thousand probabilities don’t make one fact.” (One thing I dealt in was statistical control of process variation, which is based on probability theory, of course.) The other saying: “Torture numbers and they’ll confess to anything.”[Gregg Westerbrook] I had to keep those in mind so I didn’t become a Numbers Nazi.

  4. My sister in laws Dad has been going through dialysis. I hope your experience isn’t as bad as the stories I’ve heard. Don’t worry about being lazy. Sometime it’s really nice to take it easy. Time to take it easy and be gentle with yourself. Hope Dougy and Andy are taking good care of you 🙂 Hope you guys had a yummy Thanksgiving. My cat Jiminy enjoyed a little chicken and plain cheesecake. Chewie doesn’t like people food so he had turkey flavored cat food.

    • The kitty boys got a late Thanksgiving of people quality albacore, which they love, love, love! I had diarrhea for Thanksgiving. You know, coming out, not going in. LOL! That’s OK. I wasn’t in the mood for food in consequence. There’s always next year.

      Some people have problems with dialysis. Stomach upset is one problem. They have vomit bags available at the dialysis unit, and at least one of the people there regularly needs one.

      Another problem is muscle cramps, but that can be handled at the time by adding a saline drip.

      I’m not aware of any other problems off hand. Oh, low blood pressure! That’s my most common issue, but I had that before I became I had end term kidney failure. They do a saline drip for that, too.

      My kitties look interested in many foods , but there are no human foods other than tuna that gets them really excited. Andy likes butter and cheese, but I don’t feed him those things simply because they are not healthy for cats. (He sneaks tastes of these two items if I’m not careful with dirty dinner plates..!)

  5. There are always things to do in the home dear WB, even I don’t have anyone who can help me 🙂 My husband, he works, and weekend he wants to take rest. So, we are doing all these routine things/words together, with who? can you guess 🙂 with my Princess, cat. About photography, I am sure you are better than me to get them in files, and named it, etc. Mine is a big chaos… one day I should work on them. make a good files and I can find easily or I need an assistan! Dougy is so lovely, give million kisses to them both, Thank you, you know my best wishes for you all, always, have a nice day, Love, nia

    • My files are sort of ordered chronologically. I usually give them a date followed by a small description so I can locate them easily for downloading on WordPress, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to find later!

      I actually can find some more easily by using the search feature on my blog! Then I save them to a file (a duplicate, then, of another file with a different name..!) that I can locate easily for whatever use I want to make of them that moment.

      No, I doubt my files are any moire organized than yours!

      Dougy doesn’t like kisses (he’s a boy cat!) but I’ll give him some nice face and ear rubs for you. He loves that! Hope you have a lovely day, too!

    • I definitely do give thanks for that! Though I like dogs of all sizes, I know small dogs often are very energetic and require lots of activities to keep them happy!

      At this stage of my life and with my medical issues, I’d make a poor candidate to have pets that required lots of physical activities to be happy.

      My Persian kitties like to play, but they definitely are low activity cats compared with Bengal cats, for example. I can keep up with my kitties!

    • The set up part can be a pain, literally, but they create what they call a buttonhole but using the same spot every time for the two needles they insert.

      They eventually can pick the scab off the needle holes using a tweezer, and insert a dull needle through the buttonhole into the dialysis fistula.

      The quirk in the fistula, with the turn and dive, makes creating the buttonhole problematic, but eventually it saves some of the discomfort of inserting needles. I’m not quite at the point (no pun intended!) where they can do the set up with dull needles.

      Feel free to use “crapo”! LOL! It isn’t copyrighted after all.

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