Post 663: What needs to happen today?

Monday. What needs to happen today?

The boys have the right idea for today...take it easy!

The boys have the right idea…take it easy! Nothing needs to happen today!

We’re taking it easy today. Tomorrow, I’ll need to wash clothes. Could do it today, but, frankly, I feel like a “do-nothing” day!

23 thoughts on “Post 663: What needs to happen today?

    • Actually, I think you are right! One thing people could really benefit by following is the cat plan to sleep when one is tired. When I worked, I was often tired and wished I could take a nap in the late morning or early afternoon. Now that I am retired, I do just that if I feel worn out, which often is the case since I tend to be a night owl and early bird, a perfect match for crepuscular kitties!

  1. Yea, guys we like do nothing days too. Mom takes one every once in awhile but really she seems busy most of the time. Laundry day is a do nothing day for mom as she can sit down and read blogs in between getting up and putting in more loads. Doug, you must wash your clothes the old fashioned way with a rock, soap and brush….do you go down to the river? Or do you use the water in the tap my friend? How else could it keep you busy? Just giving you a rough time.


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