Post 787: Whoa, boys…!

Must be feeding the cat brothers the right vitamins because they really are wound up this morning!

Dougy sets a trap for Andy...!

Dougy sets a trap for Andy…!

“Where is that kitty!?” I want to kick kitty butt!”

“…I know he’s in there!”

“Nyah to you, Dougy-boy!”
Andy is a little rascal, eh, Dougy? Didn’t even see him sneak by.

Dougy hops into action...a moment too late!

Dougy hops into action…a moment too late!

Quiet here, but what are the boys doing in thew other room?

Quiet here, but what are the boys doing in the other room?

18 thoughts on “Post 787: Whoa, boys…!

    • My apartment always has a few cluttering up the place. I try to toss a few every once in awhile, and usually have two cats watch me while I do it. They do not see why I am doing this terrible thing! :\

    • I haven’t heard any cries of pain or seen one or the other cats prance through the front room with a mouthful of cat fur in his mouth, ears cocked back, and a real cattitude going! Oftentimes, these are play times for the boys, and when I find them, they are together, but not bothering each other.

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