Post 888: Watch out, Dougy!

Andy’s feeling his oats today. Dougy better get your “A” game on because Andy’s waiting to chase you!

“Where is that rascal?”
Andy wants to romp today!

Careful for what you wish, Andrew!!

Careful for what you wish, Andrew!!

“Uh oh…!”
Andy realizes something too late.

The boys had their tussle. A little kitty fur was pulled. There was some serious chasing going on. Dougy had his “A” game on and Andy got more than he planned for!

(Don’t worry! They made up and are being nice to each other again.)


8 thoughts on “Post 888: Watch out, Dougy!

    • I’m not privy to what Andy and Dougy’s dispute is about today, but they never carry on after the first few chases and a good tussle. (Andy managed to pull some of Dougy’s fur out, but his fur is so thick, you’d never notice.)


    • He does bite if upset. Of course, I know this because I sometimes upset him! LOL! It isn’t a serious bite, though, but more like a hint of a bite to let you know he has sharp teeth. Dougy doesn’t bite people, but he will bite Andy when they are having a spat. (Andy bites back, of course. Such isthe way of war!)

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