Post 1657: “Gimme…puhleeease…!”

Andy begs for his share … 


…of my grapefruit! 

“Come on, Andy! Grapefruits aren’t kitty food!”




22 thoughts on “Post 1657: “Gimme…puhleeease…!”

    • Andy and Dougy are the same with coffee. There are other drinks and foods that interest them for a sniff, but they don’t eat human food. Of course, I don’t want them to, either.

    • Of course, but you know how cats want to prove that fact each and any time they see you have something to eat but haven’t made it available to them, too. I get protests if I don’t share (which I never do if it’s human food or foods cats shouldn’t eat), so let the kitty boys have a sniff to let them know I’m not sharing for a reason. Citrus gets a reaction similar to what we might have getting a whiff of ammonia, if not quite so extreme.

  1. My cat literally runs out of the house when I cut a grapefruit open. I think she hates the smell of sour things, since she has a similar reaction to vinegar and lemons. Stay warm, kittyboys!

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