Post 943: “Naughty” is his middle name…

Once again, I’ve had to disconnect my webcam cable because Andy found it and thinks it is a chew toy.

Naughty boy!

Naughty boy! Andy chews on the webcam cable.


23 thoughts on “Post 943: “Naughty” is his middle name…

    • That was my concern and why I disconnected the cable. Though I don’t think there is a lot of electricity involved (or if it would shock him unless the webcam were turned on when he bit it), I don’t want him to think it’s a good idea to chew on such things in case hecshoses one connected to 110 V!


  1. Andy certainly is a busy construction, or maybe destruction, kitty. Have you ever found a way to collect a urine sample from one of the boys at home or i amy vet out of her mind?

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      • My daughter once had a bunny that liked to chew power cords … I mixed habanero in water and sprayed the cords – this was shortly after the squirrel in the birdfeeder incident… IF Andy doesn’t like hot food, it might work on him, like it did on Nickel. Unfortunately, Nickel then chewed a hole in the kitchen trash can…. which explains why I now have a stainless steel one…Andy has GOT to be better than a bunny!


      • Matsu would dump the trash when he got angry at me… he was a big boy – 36# and not too bright. He even needed to open the pantry door to get to the trash can, so while not the smartest, he was clever…. I put him and his sibling, Mingus in Purr-a-Noia as evil cats 😉 Of course, Purrseidon is in there as Mischief. Kittens and cats certainly inspire fiction!


      • Clever trumps size, and combined, it had to have been a challenege to you to keep things in order!

        I eventually tipped all the waste paper baskets on their sides because that’s what the cats would do to them anyway.

        This way, at least, they don’;t have trash in them when the cats get in them, so the mess is a bit less.

        Of course, visitors have to have this peculiarity explained to them.

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