Post 1089: slowing down …

The news is tragic and makes us sad once again. It was to be a day of celebration, of holding one’s head high. A silent moment to grasp what others must deal with, what we all must feel.

Bastard! But he is shot dead. Vive la France!

The kitties must be fed now, then it’s time for our little “slow down” rituals.

Andy snoops by the door. Something is new!

Andy snoops by the door. Something is new!

Better yet, sit on the walker and look out the front door!

Better yet, sit on the walker and look out the front door.

Dougy stops by to have the spot between his eyes rubber. He drools.

Dougy stops by to have the top of his head and the spot between his eyes rubbed. He drools.

Dougy ran off to the guest bedroom, so Andy stops by the computer to clean up.

Dougy ran off to the guest bedroom, so Andy stops by the computer to clean up.

Life goes on. We must prevail.

34 thoughts on “Post 1089: slowing down …

  1. Thanks for your posting of the boys. Changing our lives and stopping normal activities is just what such evil people want. I adore that picture of Andy wth the sun on his face.

  2. I have gotten to the point of avoiding the news because it seems like every time I turn it on, it makes humanity seem like they’re going down the ‘proverbial tubes’. I, for one, would like to believe that things are not as bad as reporters claim. That said, I know that many incidents are. Still, I wonder if reporters are contributing to the discord and chaos when they that the name of whichever ‘fruitloop’ went off the rails and claim his crime was ‘the worst’ … I have to wonder if some, who aren’t psychologically stable and who grew up watching TV/cartoons which depicted violence (Example: The Road Runner – that coyote died in hundreds of ways, yet was back for the next episode), yet the shows didn’t truly show that death was permanent. Worse, I believe that many souls want to have the world know their name and reporters are very accommodating about this.
    Sorry, for griping on so long. Normally, I try to avoid the topics of politics and religion, but I guess that being half French, this latest affront to civilization cut a bit deep.
    I hope you and the boys have a wonderful day and weekend.

    • I read somewhere where cable news, by running the same tragedies over and over compound the sense of despair one might feel seeing, for example, the collapse of the World Trade Centers or some asshole ramming a truck through people celebrating a national holiday in Nice. You have the right idea.

          • Is it just me or do reporters seem to get overly excited about horrible things? What is wrong with them and/or their industry that they can’t get that excited about wonderful things?

          • Meteorologists were the first ones that I noticed – their body language was excited (vs. apprehensive) when reporting a hurricane (forget which one)… after that, I began paying attention to words/topic/body language equally and was quite appalled over their excitement … don’t know if they actually LIKE disasters or are just excited to be in the limelight…

          • An interesting observation! You are right, of course, and regionally speaking, hail storms, high winds of destructive force and outright tornadoes get lots of that excitement going here.

          • This might sound strange, but I prefer them to tornadoes… one has a few days to plan and prepare for a hurricane, but for a tornado there isn’t much, if any warning.

          • An interesting point of view! I actually see what you mean. Plus, it is always possible to build homes and businesses with potential storm effects in mind. Short of rebar-re-enforced concrete, building to withstand a tornado is problematic.

    • Thanks, Ruth. I totally agree.

      I didn’t feel much like posting kitty photos when I put this together, then I thought it’s more important that we stick with routine, not be brought down by assholes like the lowlife who drove the truck through crowd of innocent people. I’m glad the police shot him dead.

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