Post 1161: Andy loves a “skritching”; Dougy stops play for a portrait

Andy purred when I held him to give him his medicine this morning. I think he was purring to comfort himself…. Anyway, he was a very good boy and took his medicine like a big kitty.


Andy rested on the recliner after I fed the kitty brothers their morning wet food.

92816 penive andy 2.jpg

I couldn’t resist giving him a good “scritching”! He loved it!

92816 use me happy andy.jpg

Dougy, the resident comedian cat, on the other hand, was very serious when posing for his portrait.

92816 use me dougy portrait.jpg

But Dougy was more interested in play!

92816 use me dougy in attack mode.jpg

10 thoughts on “Post 1161: Andy loves a “skritching”; Dougy stops play for a portrait

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    • Thanks! That was the only time since he did that, however. It must be kind of scary to be picked up off the floor and have a syringe stuffed into your mouth. As i noted, I think he might have been purring to comfort himself.

  2. Angy , good cat taking without difficulty his medicine loves a “scritching” in reward but Dougy is less spontaneous ; he poses like seriously like a tiger, then he plays . Two behaviors..
    In friendship

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