Post 1162: a look behind the scenes…

Thanks to Photoshoppery, I manage to get mostly presentable photos of life with the kitty brothers out to you. I decided today I’d show you how much effort it takes to take a typical photo of the boys from “as is” to kind of presentable. It is a horror story!


Whew! what a mess! Why didn’t I vacuum first? Or put the over-turned wastepaper basket back up? (Dang cats! There isn’t anything of interest in there!) Should I try for one or two kitties in the photo?

92816 before 2.jpg

Hmm. That cleaned up pretty well, but the background clutter will take some skill I don’t have….

92816 after.jpg

Maybe I can crop it to hell and back and get something…

92816 extreme after.jpg

Oh well. Cropping helped, but  I think that photo is a bit too much to make into a presentable posting photo. I’ll try later for something in a better, cleaner, less cat-ravaged spot!

[And you thought I actually knew what I was doing! Surprise!]



12 thoughts on “Post 1162: a look behind the scenes…

    • I agree, though it may make one lazy about “cropping in camera”. On the other hand, it allows one to make better use of smart phone photography, where there isn’t the option of interchangeable lenses. When photographing cats or other pets, being able to take a shot from a less intimidating place is helpful, too, knowing you can always crop later to a better composed photo.


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