Post 1164: in the dark…

Some days I am lucky to get photos of either kitty because they are hiding in the dark. Dougy chose by the front door. Andy, who was hiding from his daily dose of medicine, hid under the computer desk. Grrr! I don’t have time today to play black-cats-in-dark-places games, but the kitties are doing their best to be difficult!

Here are my heavily Photoshopped results:

Dougy in the dark. No idea why.

93016 dougy in dark 2.jpg

Andy in the dark, hiding from his daily medicine dose….

93016 andy victorious 3 use me.jpg

I’ll catch you boys yet! And you, Andy, if I can take my medicine like a big boy, so can you!

Here’s an Andy photo from another day, one when he was enjoying the sun coming in through the back door. 

61116 andy suncat

16 thoughts on “Post 1164: in the dark…

    • First, I’ve only recently started following your blog, and I love the humor, photography, and the subhead about it being possibly the only WordPress blog being hosted by mice. Great line, that! Here’s a link to your delightful blog:

      Now, to your questions. Yes, they have huge paws, but Andy is only 10 pounds 5 ounces (4,7 kilos) and Dougy is a bit heavier at 10 pounds 12 ounces (4,8 kilos). I think that makes them about average sized for tomcats. Their predecessor, Louie the ginger cat, weighed 23 pounds 12 ounces (10,8 kilos), so the kitty brothers together actually weigh less than their tabby predecessor! You are correct about their size being deceptive because they are long-haired cats. When they get their grooming, they look really tiny in comparison.

  1. They are not helping you, I know what you mean. Our Princess, she doesn’t like my camera and she hides from the camera. Not easy for me to take her pictures. But you know I take other cats’ photographs 🙂 Thank you dear WB, Andy and Doughy are so lovely, Blessing and Happiness to you all. Love, nia

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