Post 1909: under the weather…

The kitty boys are fine, but I’m getting over a viral infection (?) attacking my throat. This will probably serve for today’s and tomorrow’s blog post, though I am feeling better. “Better” meaning I’m coughing less, though I am physically exhausted.

42 thoughts on “Post 1909: under the weather…

  1. I hope you’re starting to feel better by now, Mr. Doug. Viral infections hit my mom pretty hard, too. The best medicine fur you, of course, are luvs and cuddles from Andy and Dougy.

    • Fortunately, I can spend the holiday resting and taking care of my illness. No one’s planning on coming to my home for the holiday, and I’m not planning to go to anyone’s home.

    • I see one at dialysis weekly, and she made her recommendations Monday when I saw her last. Thanks! I have two days before my next dialysis session and no need to go out, so will spend that time resting, taking care of my illness. It should be a positive thing!

    • They do become axnious, remembering, nio doubt., how sick I was two years ago, then how I disappered for two and a half months. They were well cared for by friends while I was gone, but they didn’t get their treats or wet food – I didn’t have a chance to tell the caretakers about the routine until it was nearly two weeks before I got hime. Pertsians require wet food mushed up and with a bit of water added to make it into a slurry. Their muzzles make eating certyain food difficult to impossdible. If they can lap it up with thei tongues, they can eat it!

    • Thanks! I am feeling better, thanks to rest. I hadn’t planned to do another post for tomorrow, but felt well enough to do a simple one. (It seems I tend to get sickest around this time of year.)

      • I always get sick around the holidays: I think it’s the colder weather combined with more socializing/being in crowds. Especially among children! But I’m always surprised by the number of adults who refuse to get a flu shot. They always have an excuse—“Too busy and the lines at the clinic were too long,” “Those things don’t work anyway,” “My religion forbids it.” (!!!) I can’t help thinking how many people would be up in arms if pet owners refused to get rabies shots for their companion animals based on those excuses.

        • Plus, people waslk around sick. I think the Japanese have the best idea: wear a mask if you are siuck for don’t waqnt toi become sick. I have access to them at the hospital when I go to diualysis, and have no hesitancy of wearing onbe, especailly since I don’;t want to expose my gfellow diualysis patients to disease. We have compromised immune systems.

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