Post 1296: On this they agree!

It was a quiet moment. Andy was engrossed. Dougy was on the kitty lounger, enjoying the peace and quiet, but he was curious: Why was his brother so quiet?



Engrossed, but why? Dougy stopped by to find out!img_20170204_062724

Woo hoo! Both kitties are quiet! And now you know why, too!

Yes, they were watching bald eagles on a video for kitties!

19 thoughts on “Post 1296: On this they agree!

    • Yes, they happen to be littermates, born July 1, 2011. Though I greatly admire Canada nd am happy they were born on Canada Day, it would have ben sweet if these two American kitties’ mommy had waiting till July 4yj so they could have been born on our Independence Day.

      Incidentally, if you click on the topics der the heading, one gives you links to the blogs that tell about how I came to get my kitty boys. Or, here’s the link and you can click on it here:

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