Post 1307: Dougy love, love, loves to be brushed!

Dougy loves to be brushed, though he has a quirk: After I briefly brush his right side and tail, he rolls over on his right side so I can brush his left side forever or however long I can stand doing it. He never gets tired of the left side brushing!



It’s a good time for the both of us. Andy, on the other hand, doesn’t like to be brushed.

20 thoughts on “Post 1307: Dougy love, love, loves to be brushed!

  1. dood….we all like a breef brushin on de rite two; then itz groom all day on R left !!!! 🙂 wunder why that iz…..hay, wavez two andy N heerz two a uaru kinda week oh end; himz act shoo a lee a prette awesum fish;
    see ya twoozday ! ♥♥♥

  2. I had a semi-feral cat named Fromme that would let me touch him but no one else. He would spend days away from home just sneaking in to eat but if he was in ear shot and I called out “brush” he’d be on me like glue and stay until I too could no longer stand it.

    He was the only cat that I have had that ever liked to be brushed although I’ve had many that like to be “skritched”. ~~dru~~

      • Susan P – WordPress decided your comment was spam, and deleted it before I could hit the “Undo” feature. I’ve had similar problems before with this site deleting comments, and I have never been able to get it to undo the delete. At any rate, your comment was about the relationship between Dougy and me was symbiotic in thiss matter of brushing, and, yes, we both enjoy the moment to our mutual good!

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