Post 1306: misplaced things…

Yesterday was a day to “find” misplaced things, you know, right in plain view but forgotten things!



Dougy was pleased I “found” his tub under the TV stand. I need to clean up some other things he likes that are still there.


I was pleased I found this old photo of me hand feeding a pine siskin. I took it sometime back in the 1980s on a bitterly cold February day (-14°F / -26°C).  Yes, I remember that temperature! Curiously, yesterday, another February day years later, it got up to 63°F / 17°C!

I learned how to hand feed birds by watching Woody the grey tabby cat, my neighbors kitty, stalk birds at the feeders. You stop a safe distance away from the birds, wait without moving. Then you move forward a step or two and wait without moving till the spooked birds return. You repeat this till you are right up on the birds on the feeder.

(Keep in mind, my hand was filled with shelled sunflower seeds, and was extended just like in the photo. The camera is in the other hand, pre-focused, at the right aperture, and ready to shoot.)

Once the birds are comfortable you are just a strange harmless feeder, they hop onto your hand and defend the seeds from each other. I’ve had up to five pine siskins on my hand at a time, with another hanging on the frame of my glasses, and another perched on my head. It’s hard not to laugh!

My thumb is approximately the same size as a pine siskin. I’ve wiggled it at a pine siskin and the bird attacked it, extending its wings to expose the yellow stripe and under wing feathers and making squawky sounds to drive off the interloper! Quite brave!

49 thoughts on “Post 1306: misplaced things…

  1. One winter I tool care of my parents place the chickadees decided I was trustworthy and would perch on me and eat. They were sassy little guys and would scold from the porch rail if the seed got low. By the way, things go missing in my place too, small as it is,

  2. Amazing photo! Somewhere – probably in my slide deck – I have a 70s vintage picture of me at Bok Tower / Gardens in Florida with a squirrel sittting on my knee eating chips. It cool when that happens.

    Of course now I am a “cat tree”.

    • I have to agree! Your kitties are more inclined to perch on you than mine, though Andy tolerates being held much more now that he gets medicine daily in a process where I hold and calm him before and after. Ass I recall, my first contact with you was when you put up your cat beard photos, which still make me smile!

    • Cool! I was walking across a huge parking lot at work one sweltering summer day, sweating profusely. A tiger swallowtail butterfly landed on my glasses and sipped seat from my brow. It’s a really interesting feeling, isn’t it?!

        • =(^+^)=

          Your comment about Dougy and my symbiotic relationship on brushing got zapped by WordPress because it was “spam”. Can’t imagine what triggered that because it was a simple, straight forward comment that look pretty innocuous to me! Any way, I replied to ytou comment on someone else’s comment but noted it was for “Susan P”, of course! Go to Post 1307 and look for the comment after my response to lorrs33.

          • Askimet has had a little trouble lately with plunking innocuous comments into SPAM. It has happened to me on other sites, and I have pulled some people out of my SPAM filter as well. I opened a trouble ticket on it but have not heard anything back yet.

          • Maddening! Though I’m happy not to get spam, I look at the messages that get called spam that are regular comments from readers, and I can’t imagine what triggered the spam response.

  3. I was down in Washington State a few years ago visiting a friend.We had stopped in a park for a break.Some friendly Grey Jays fluttered around me.I fed a few in the same manner.A park ranger saw me doing that & was going to give me a huge fine! I couldn’t believe it!

    • That’s a curious response. I guess the presumption of the apparent law is that they would become dependent on human hand outs, hardly a problem comparable to or as dangerous as humans feeding bears in Yellowstone National Park. It would seem they were already acclimated to human contact before you came along! There are similar restriction in Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota to feeding prairie dogs, but there always is the risk of bubonic plague or other rodent-to-human diseases there, something I don’t think is a risk feeding birds.

    • I have a long history of being bitten by animals, going back to when I was a toddler trying to pet a brown bear in a zoo, an event that gave me a tiny but great scar between my middle and fourth fingers on my right hand. I also can claim bites by dog, cat, rabbit, horse, squirrel, parakeet, and rhesus monkeys (two different time, around the same age and at same zoo as the bear….). I still hate the hell out of monkeys (foul, nasty animals!), but all the others I still like.

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