Post 1733: Surprise! Gotcha!

Dougy is waiting for Andy to come back into the living room. Maybe they can play “Chase”, one of their favorite kitty games! Mr. Hand sees an opportunity to…


…play “Gotcha”! Hee! Hee!


Sorry for the late posting today. I’d like to thank my Internet and television provider, Spectrum, for another hours long interruption in their service. Thank goodness I didn’t bundle telephone service with their service as that would have been out, too!


15 thoughts on “Post 1733: Surprise! Gotcha!

  1. My chronic outage problems were finally solved by a nice technician, an older guy, who called in and told them my install was sloppy ( a staple through the cable) and my equipment so out of date and he redid the whole thing and brought in new equipment. Needless to say he’sin my prayers.

    • I always feel best when James, one of the older, more experienced technicians comes to my home to fix things! He is fast and very good at determining problems and solutions.

  2. I have Spectrum cable and Frontier internet. Like you, I am so glad I didn’t bundle. At least I usually have one or the other !

      • I hope it wasn’t because of my settings. I don’t think I put any restrictions on posting them, like having to have me moderate them first… It should be comment, no email or website required, hit the “post comment” button. If it isn’t the simple comment, hit post, let me know. I’m pretty sure that is all I require now. (I’ll check settings in the meantime…)

        • I checked and I don’t require any extra checks on commenting. Sorry you had problems posting to this blog. I know I sometimes get a message stating I can’t post a comment. I sign out and sign back in, and that (for some obscure “magical” reason) always resolves the issue! Give it a try the next time a comment won’t post.

    • I have a couple other options for Internet, though cable is Spectrum, period. There are some dish options. I agree, though, splitting these functions among different companies is the best for the customer in most instances.

  3. he is hand-some in any way ;O))) our provider kicked us out last night… the cool thing is that we have all things at this provider, so we couldn’t call them to ask what is wrong… really clever to offer a one in all package, so they can save the moneeh for costumer service…

    • That is an aspect of my outage that (oddly) hadn’t of occurred to me: Of course you can’t report an outage if you get telephone through them, too!

      My provider recently ran commercials about how reliable their service was compared with dish television. Curiously, those commercials don’t run any longer. Perhaps someone like me – a very upset customer! – pointed out their service has been very spotty lately.

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