Post 1312: Andy’s fine day, Part 1…

Sorry for the late posting today. Andy commandeered the laptop to watch videos for kitties, and I couldn’t work on it till he was sated. (Not that he’s pushy or spoiled or anything…!)

That said, it was a fine day yesterday, warm enough that I left the front door open most of the day. All that fresh air and the open door attracted the kitty boys into the kitchen, and Andy came first.



Andy wanders into the kitchen while I finish up washing dishes.

Andy scans the scene. Curiosity takes effect for this wee kitty! Then he notices something to explore…

 Looks promising! It is something he thinks is very exciting!


Kitty food! Lots of it! (Rats for lack of an opposable thumb. Rats!)

Then Andy notices the new box…! And Dougy’s not around to mess with him!

The perfect time and place to take a bath! Andy’s enjoying the moment, the warm breeze coming in through the front door, and the simple fact Dougy’s not around to bump him out of the new box. Life is sweet!


Uh oh…DOUGY!

Will Andy resist Dougy’s pressure to yield the box? Will there be a scuffle? Or will there be a peaceful box transfer from one brother to the other? 

To be continued… tomorrow!

36 thoughts on “Post 1312: Andy’s fine day, Part 1…

  1. So, we’ll find out more tomorrow!

    Who makes the cat food that attracted Andy’s attention? Are you happy with it? (I guess both you and the cats are, or you wouldn’t be buying in bulk.)

    • It’s a Wellness product. Andy has food allergies, and this particular brand, in chicken, solves that problem. They also get a Science Diet dry food for indoor adult cats that is lower in fat and helps with hairballs.

    • I wouldn’t say they are spoiled…. More like extremely spoiled! LOL! It’s hard to miss with cute children (Maximus!) or animals, nd I have to note I find your posts equally appealing! The positivity is appealing, and Max is just too darn cute!

      • Ha! Yes, I think I have to agree about Dougy and Andy. Thank you. I won’t dare tell Max… his ego is big enough! “Mummy, I’m cute. I’m handsome too!”. Yep, I’ll keep your comment to myself! 😄

        • LOL! Well, from the mouths of babes! (Of course, “babe” could suggest a handsome male, too, I guess. Oh dear! Good luck when the girls start noticing Max! He’s right, of course, though a bit young to be that self-aware.)

          • He already has ‘girlfriends’! 🙈I think it’s my fault for telling him over the years he’s cute. (What have I done? 🙊). Also, people will say “What a handsome little boy” to him. 🙉

    • Yep, he has cattitude, which is a combination of a strong ego and a willingness to take what he wants! I will keep you in suspense other than to say there are four posts about this one warm day, which takes us up to Caterday. I will note that before it’s over, both kitties are bad boys!

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