Post 1315: Andy’s fine day, Part 4…

We finally conclude Andy’s fine day. When I left you, there was a surprise coup at the new box.



Yes, Andy took the box from Dougy! It happened so fast I couldn’t keep up with it. Dougy ran off to the dining area, but Andy enjoyed the spot he held first, the new box.

Dougy comes back, but Andy doesn’t pay attention to him. He has new attractions to explore!

 Dougy, being a naughty kitty, finds something to occupy his time, too. Bad kitty!

In the meantime, Andy returns briefly to the new box, where I give him a good nose rub.


Andy likes this a lot!


Is this the end of Andy’s fine day?

You kidding? Andy hints at what he wants next…


Yes, it’s kitty food time, hint, hint!  Andy stands by the dry food bag, but that’s not what’s on his mind.

Dougy wanders off to his afternoon nap, but Andy has to do one more thing before he takes his: climb on the table! BAD KITTY! Someone’s watching his naughty brother for suggestions on how to be bad!


 I called this Andy’s fine day, but there was lots of fun for Dougy, too. I know you need to know that.


35 thoughts on “Post 1315: Andy’s fine day, Part 4…

  1. Wow quite a full day for everybody,including the intrepid reporter! This was a fun series. We had a couple of nice days too, now we’re back to below freezing. “Sigh”


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