Post 1314: Andy’s fine day, Part 3…

The other day was warm enough to leave the front door open all day. The warm breeze coming through the screen door attracted the kitty boys and me into the kitchen. 

After I finished washing dishes, I stayed in the kitchen because I knew the kitty boys were sure to show up, but I didn’t know just how much activity I’d get to document for you till it was all over!



Yes, when you last were here, Andy was “hiding” in the bag by the little desk! But what was Dougy up to?

There’s a racket outside, so both kitty boys meet halfway between the two attractions, the new box and the empty bag. That soon loses its appeal, but the brothers stay in the warm sun, enjoying the breeze.

Andy returns briefly to the empty bag, gets in, then gets tangled in the straps getting out. The bag follows him to the open door…. Dougy returns to the empty new box. Or does he? 

 Very confusing! Something happens so fast I have to stop to sort it out. Whew!


 No! That’s Andy! Andy takes the box back! That’s Dougy fleeing the scene!

And we come to another stopping point. I told you that recent warm day was a busy one for the kitty boys!

Tomorrow, the conclusion of Andy’s fine day.

10 thoughts on “Post 1314: Andy’s fine day, Part 3…

    • I don’t think they’d approve of collars, though that is a good idea! They do have all recommended shots for in=door and outdoor cats, though they are indoor kitties. (I have the tags and receipts for the shots.) As for telling them apart, there are several characteristics. They have different colored eyes (Andy = yellow eyes; Dougy = orangey-brown), though those don’t always photograph true-to-color. Dougy has wide-set eyes, and Andy’s are closer together. Dougy looks more Persian, with a broad, flat face; Andy’s face and head are narrower and smaller, reflecting their Birman father’s genes.

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