Post 1316: after lunch, we go find a place to rest…

Andy and Dougy eat from the same plate most days, but other days they take turns at the plate. Regardless, they always take time to clean up afterwards, then take  a rest.


Andy ate first today, then sat on the cottonwood slice. “Where to go? Where to go”

Oops! Here comes Dougy! Andy hopes he keeps on moving. Andy moves on while the getting is good!

Andy ends up on the PC, a favorite high perch, and Dougy climbs onto the kitty buggy, which he likes for his high spot. Now they can clean up in peace!


20 thoughts on “Post 1316: after lunch, we go find a place to rest…

    • It was off the floor until recently. Yes, Andy quickly marked it as his! Dougy claimed the new box that’s been in recent posts. (The one Andy was in in the third segment and the top of the fourth….) That helps keep the stress over the cottonwood slice down. It is the new place, too, where I put Andy’s treat for being a good boy after I give him his medicine, so, ironically, instead of putting his hairy little butt on my dining table, he’s putting it on his! LOL! Dougy gets his treats elsewhere so he won’t associate the slice with himself.

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